Hi y’all! I am SO happy you’re here! My name is Grace Wainwright {soon-to-be White} and I’m the gal behind FITwithASD.com and @FITwithASD.  I’ve created this platform for us to be able to reach our fitness goals together and as a community.

I began my blogging career in 2011 as a fashion blogger {A Southern Drawl and @a_southerndrawl}.  I am blessed to be able to inspire so many people and somehow call it ‘my job’!

As the years progressed, I started dabbling into fitness and found a new passion for it.  I was an everyday gal, did the occasional cycling class, rarely touched a weight, and loved group fitness classes {mostly because it was social hour}.  I stayed *overall* healthy, being ignorant to macronutrients and eating whatever I felt like in moderation.

I ended up graduating with my Masters in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Louisville, and needless to say, I learned a lot about physiology and it piqued my interest. One day, I decided to venture into a weight room and that’s when everything had changed.  I began setting new goals for myself and I loved the way my body was reacting and changing to weight lifting.  I’ve been living this fit and healthy lifestyle for 4 years now and love every minute of it!

I wanted a platform that I could share everything I have learned with you all.  I had to learn everything the hard way. I followed fitness bloggers and instagrammers who never fully shared what they were doing to get their physique — many didn’t eat enough and I found it strange that they promoted such a lifestyle.

I created my separate fitness account, @FITwithASD in January 2018 so that I could share what I’ve learned, which eventually led me to the creation of FITwithASD.com.  FITwithASD is a fitness platform that will provide you with consistency and knowledge for you to reach your fitness goals.  I give you every piece to the puzzle so that you can live a healthy lifestyle!

Give it a go by signing up over here!